DURHAM, Cathedral Library through MÜNCHEN, Universitätsbibliothek

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Location ShelfmarkFolios (fols.) DateProvenanceContentsNotes 
DurC A.II.05320 fols.s13iFranceGen (1r-80r), Exo (80r-154v), Lev (155r-208v), Num (208v-278v), Deut (278v-319v)  
DurC A.II.06280 fols.s13sFranceReg (2r-91v), Para/OMan (91v-134r), Ios (135r-160v), Iudc (160v-181r), Tob (181r-187v), Iudt (187v-195v), Esth (195v-201v), Ruth (201v-204v), Esdr (204v-218v), Neh (218v-231r), Macc (231r-280v)  
DurC A.II.07182 fols.s13pFranceReg (3r-68v), Prov (69r-88r), Ecle (88v-95r), Cant (95v-102r), Sap (102v-111v), Eclu (111v-136r), Macc (137r-166v), Esdr (167r-174v), Neh (174v-182v)  
DurC A.II.08291 fols. [see notes]s13iFrance/EnglandA: EppCan (6r-36v), Iob (36v-91r); B: Prov (92r-119v); C: Ecle (120r-128r), Cant (128v-141v); D: Sap (142r-157r); E: Eclu (158r-207v), Apoc (207v-225v); F: ProphMin (226r-286r)6 vols. A: 6-91; B: 92-119; C: 120-141; D: 142-157; E: 158-225; F: 226-291 
DurC A.II.09 s13i PssGO? 
DurC A.II.10 s13i Pss  
DurC A.II.14 s13m Is Ier Lam Ez Dan  
DurC A.II.15249 fols.s13iEngland/FranceMatt (5r-77r), Marc (78r-127v), Luc (129r-206v), Ioh (207r-246v)don. mag. Henry of Melsonby 
DurC A.II.18 s13m Matt Marc  
DurC A.II.19 s12e EppPaulGO? 
DurC A.III.01152 fols.s12pN. FranceGen→50:1650:16-25 supplied in marg. s13 
DurC A.III.02200 fols.s12eN FranceLev (2r-86r), Num (87r-198r)don. Adington 
DurC A.III.03173 fols. [see notes]s12sDurham CathA: Deut (1r-62r); B: Iob (63v-171r)2 vols. A: 1-62; B: 63-173; don. Rana 
DurC A.III.04153 fols.s12sEnglandReg (2r-135v)  
DurC A.III.05109 fols.s12eN. FrancePara/Oman (3r-68r), Esdr (69r-88r), Neh (88v-109v)don. Adington NO REG 
DurC A.III.06   Iob  
DurC A.III.07 s12sDurham CathPssdon. du Puiset 
DurC A.III.08184 fols.s13iEngland ?Pss2:7→ (2r-153v), CantBib (154r-159r), Cant (173r-184v)Pss: PetLom (“cum omnes propehtas”) 
DurC A.III.09120 fols.s12sN. France/EnglandPss (4r-112r), CantBib (112r-122v)  
DurC A.III.10155 fols.s12sEnglandPss80→ (2r-137v), CantBib (138r-156r)Pss: GilPor 
DurC A.III.22 s13m Ez Dan  
DurC A.III.14159 fols.s13mFrance/EnglandProv (1r-44v), Ecle (45r-58v), Cant (58v-78v),  Sap (79r-101v), Eclu (101v-158r)don. Wakerfeld 
DurC A.III.15217 fols. [see notes]A: s13s ; B-E: s13i; F: s13sA: England; B-E: France/England; F: EnglandA: Ecle (2-3); B: Prov (5r-46v); Ecle (46v-61r); Cant (61r-80v); C: Act (81r-138v); D: Apoc (139r-166r); E: EppCan (166v-202v)6 vols. A: 2-3; B: 5-80; C: 81-138; D: 139-166; E: 167-202; F: 203-213; don. mag. Henry of Melsonby 
DurC A.III.1688 fols.s12sN. FranceEclu (5r-52v), Tob (53r-63v), Iudt (63v-77r), Esth→13:18 (75r-86v)don. Adington 
DurC A.III.17119 fols.s12eN. FranceIs  
DurC A.III.18200 fols. [see notes]s13iFranceA: Is (3r-86r); B: Ier (87r-122r), Lam (170v-199v)2 vols. A: 84; B: 113 
DurC A.III.19165 fols.s12sN. FranceIer (2r-122r), Lam (122v-164v)don. Adington 
DurC A.III.20 s13mDurham CathIer  
DurC A.III.21135 fols. [see notes]1: s13m; 2: s13iFrance2: Lam (91r-137v)1: 88, HSC; 2: 47, GilUni 
DurC A.III.2387 fols. [see notes]s12sFrance/EnglandA: Dan (5r-39v); B: Esdr (41r-62v), Neh (62v-85r)2 vols. A: 2-40; B: 41-88; don. John de Rana 
DurC A.III.24158 fols.s12eN. FranceProphMindon. Adington 
DurC A.III.25146 fols.s13iFrance/EnglandMatt (3r-92v), Ioh (93r-144v)  
DurC A.IV.01 s12eDurham CathLev  
DurC A.IV.02150 fols.s12eFrance/EnglandPss (5r-132v), CantBib (133r-139v)  
DurC A.IV.06 s12eTynemouth AbbDan Esdr Nehdon. Goreham 
DurC A.IV.07 s13pDurham CathIs  
DurC A.IV.10 s12pDurham CathMatt  
DurC A.IV.11100 fols.s12mEngland/N. FranceMarc  
DurC A.IV.1284 fols.s12eEngland/N. FranceMarc  
DurC A.IV.1372 fols.s12eEngland/N. FranceLuc  
DurC A.IV.14124 fols.1200EnglandLucdon. John of Jarrow 
DurC A.IV.16132 fols. [see notes]A: s12p; B: s12i; C: s12eA: S.England/N.France; B&C: EnglandA: Ioh (2v-59r)2 vols. A: 1-65; B: 66-109; C: 110-133 
DurU Cos.V.ii.1109 fols.s12sDurham CathNum  
DurU Cos.V.ii.2174 fols. [see notes]s12sEnglandA: Ruth (2r-9r), Tob (9r-25v), Iudt (25v-48r), Esth (49r-62v)2 vols. A: 2-147; B: 148-174 
Düss A.1194 fols.s13pFrance>MarienfredeMatt 
Düss A.12186 fols.s13mWerden St. Ludger OSBLuc (1v-110v), Ioh (111r-186r) 
Düss A.1393 fols.s13pN.France>NideggenIoh (4r-90v) 
Eins 30221 fols.s12 EppPaul  
Englb 074142 fols.s13? EppPaul  
Englb 075105 fols.s13? Ioh  
Englb 076124 fols.s12mEngelbergProphMin  
Englb 077110 fols.s12 Lucdeest 9:50-11:7; 19-21 
Englb 078222 fols.s12m EppPaul  
Englb 079184 fols.s12p EppPaul  
Englb 081116 fols.s13? Act Apoc  
Englb 082143 fols.s12p Matt  
Englb 083128 fols.s12 Ioh Marc  
Erlng 008157 fols.s12e Prov Ecle Cant Lam  
Erlng 01384 fols.s12Heilsbronn OCistMatt  
Erlng 014156 fols.s14France >HeilsbronnLuc 4:36→ (1r-), Ioh 4:6→ (95r-)  
Erlng 015113 fols.s14France >HeilsbronnAct  
Erlng 01682 fols.s12HeilsbronnEppPaul (1-82)PetLom? 
Erlng 01768 fols.s12/13HeilsbronnEppCan  
Erlng 018109 fols.s12e/13HeilsbronnApoc CantApoc gloss ends 56v; GO? Cant is GO 
Erlng 056104 fols.s12e Cant (49v-69r)second of 2 Cant comm. is probably GO 
Esc a.I.3244 fols.s14e Ios Iudc Ruth Esdr Tob Iudt Esth Macc  
Esc a.I.11192 fols.s14 Reg Para  
Esc a.II.14140 fols.s14 Act EppCan Apoc  
Esc a.III.7146 fols.s14e ProphMin  
Esc c.II.1396 fols.s14TrisultoIob  
Esc e.II.2321 fols.s14e Matt Marc Luc Ioh  EppCan Apoc  
Esc I.III.1271 fols.s14 Marc  
Esc I.III.2897 fols.s12 Rom 1Cor 2Cor Gal Eph  
Esc o.III.3576 fols.s14 Deut  
Esc s.I.4159 fols.s14 Num Deut  
Evr 05983 fols.s12mLyreIohdon. Stephan Rem.? 
Evr 090195 fols.s12p Cant (2r-6r)  
Evr 09179 fols.s13LyreIoh (5r-), Luc (36r-)  
FirML Calci.04144 fols.s13iCertosa di CalciIs  
FirML Calci.25118 fols.s13iCertosa di CalciExo  
FirML Calci.38308 fols.s12sCertosa di CalciPss (1r-282v), CantBib (283-304r)  
FirML Plut.IV.Dex.V s13Santa CroceLamBartoli (1991), xlv-xlvi 
FirML Plut.XVII.12 s11 Psspre-Anselm gloss; DeHamel (1984), 31 n.25 
FirML S.Marco.715s13/14Isa
FirML S.Marco.716s12Isa
FirML S.Marco.719s14Lev
FirML S.Marco.720s14Exo
FirML S.Marco.726s14ProphMin
FirML S.Marco.729s12ProphMin
FirML S.Marco.73072 fols.s12OP PisaCant (1v-28r), Apoc (29r-72v)  
FirML S.Marco.737s12Gen
FirML S.Marco.747124 fols.s13mOP FlorenceIob  
FirML S.Marco.75192 fols.s12Act etc*  
FirML S.Marco.755s13Luc Ioh
FirML S.Marco.757s12EppPaul
FirML S.Marco.758s12Matt
FirML S.Marco.76091 fols.s12sOP FlorenceAct  
FirML S.Marco.761104 fols.s12OP FlorenceMatt  
FirML S.Marco.76664 fols.s12OP FlorenceApoc
FirML S.Marco.76768 fols.s12OP FlorenceEppCan  
FirNC Conv.Soppr.B.VI.1901261 fols.s12VallombrosaPss (1r-244v), CantBib (244v-261v)‘parva’ 
FirNC Conv.Soppr.C.VI.1903226 fols.s12VallombrosaEppPaul  
FirR Ricc.29574 fols.s13p Ioh  
FirR Ricc.296230 fols.s12e EppPaul  
Frft Barth.032194 fols.s9iFuldaPss‘prisca’ 
Frft Barth.034276 fols.s13pFranceGen (1r-136v), Exo (137r-276v)see catalogue desc. MS Upps C 152 
Frft Barth.035271 fols.s13pFranceMatt (1r-81v), Marc (83r-134r), Luc (136v-218r), Ioh (219r-271v)  
Frft Barth.117193 fols.s13iFranceEppPaul  
Frft lat.qu.5245 fols. [see notes]1: s13s; 2: s13pFrance1: Act EppCan Apoc; 2: Luc2 vols. 1:150 fols.; 2: 95 fols. 
Freiburg 09265 fols.s12p Cant (2v-21r), Apoc (22v-65v)  
Freiburg 257144 fols.1449Upper AlsaceCant (118v-138v)  
Gen 167 s12s PssGilPor Prol.; GO? 
GerC 20.a.12125 fols.s12e? Ioh  
GerF (129).1182 fols.s11/12 Dan ProphMin Dan (frgmt)  
Göttw 047.(40)147 fols.s12 GenRaban 
Göttw 102.(41)141 fols.s12 Lam (1r-81r)GilUni; small blocks of text with glossa continua 
Göttw 117.(64)110 fols.s13 Ioh (4r-91r), Cant (91v-108r)  
GrazU 0170165 fols.s13iSeckau/FrenIs (1-74r)  
GrazU 0177120 fols.s13pSeckau CRSAIoh  
GrazU 0188105 fols.s13iStLambrecht OSBEppPaul  
GrazU 0206217 fols.s12StLambrecht OSBEppPaul  
GrazU 0213183 fols. [see notes]1: s13; 2:  14pNeuberg OCist1: Ecle (1-21)2 vols. 1: 23 fols.; 2: 160 fols. 
GrazU 022686 fols.s13pStrasbourg OPIoh  
GrazU 0335214 fols.1350Neuberg OCistIoh ApocGO? 
GrazU 0360149 fols.s13p Luc  
GrazU 0404207 fols.s12StLambrecht OSBPss CantBib  
GrazU 0406320 fols. [see notes]s11sStLambrecht OSB1: Lam (170-177)2 vols. 177 fols.; 143 fols.; ‘glossae’ 
GrazU 0508170 fols.s12Millstatt OSB1Pet1:22-2:12; 2Pet1:6-14, 2:15-22; 1Ioh40-5:8fragments on pastedowns, s12 
GrazU 0719200 fols.1200StLamb/FrenEppPaulPet Lom 
GrazU 0748265 fols.s13iSeckauPss  
GrazU 0788137 fols.s13iMillstattMatt→19 (94-124), Luc Ioh (127-137)GO? 
GrazU 0796155 fols.s12StLambrecht OSBEppPaul (1-9v)  
GrazU 1012114 fols.s13?StLambrecht OSBMatt (70-82)AnsLaon? 
GrazU 163363 fols.s13pSeckauApoc→14:13  
Gren 0032.(427 Rés.)89 fols.s12GrChartreuseProv (1r-53r), Ecle (53r-71v), Lam→4:22 (71v-82v)  
Gren 0033.(452 Rés.)88 fols.s12GrChartreuseTob (1r-), Iudt (28r-), Esth (59r-)gloss on Esth ends at c. 11 
Gren 0034.(463 Rés.)112 fols.s13GrChartreuseExo  
Gren 0035.(303 Rés.)164 fols.s12GrChartreuseLev Num  
Gren 0036.(559 Rés.)119 fols.s13GrChartreuseDeutIG:AnsLaon 
Gren 0037.(451 Rés.)94 fols.s12GrChartreuseMatt  
Gren 0038.(330 Rés.)86 fols.s13GrChartreuseMarcIG:AnsLaon 
Gren 0039.(434 Rés.)105 fols.s13GrChartreuseLucIG:AnsLaon 
Gren 0040.(561 Rés.)85 fols.s13GrChartreuseIohIG:AnsLaon 
Gren 0041.(465 Rés.)112 fols.s12GrChartreuseIohIG:AnsLaon 
Gren 0079.(463 Rés.)214 fols.s12GrChartreusePss (1r-116v), CantBib (116v-126v)‘parva’ 
Gren 0080(463 Rés.)249 fols.1: s13; 2: s15GrChartreuse1: Pss (1-187v)  
Harv Typ.204 s12 LevFormerly Admont 347 
Heilkrz 032116 fols.s13pN. FranceProphMinGO? 
Heilkrz 036198 fols.s13pN. FranceReg (1r-117v), Para (118r-172v), Tob (173v-182r), Iudt (182r-192r), Esth (192r-198v)  
Heilkrz 048248 fols.s14 PssPetLom 
Heilkrz 053120 fols.s13pN. FranceEz→ 46:9  
Heilkrz 056126 fols.s14 Cant (114r-121v)Ps. Langton? 
Heilkrz 061128 fols.1200N. FranceProv (1r-78v), Ecle (79r-100r), Cant (101r-128r)  
Heilkrz 152124 fols.s13iN. FranceIob  
Heilkrz 201127 fols.s12pFranceProphMin  
Heilkrz 25284 fols.s13pFranceIoh (29r-84v)  
Heilkrz 260171 fols.s12pN. FranceEppPaul  
Heilkrz 281164 fols.s12pN. France ?Ioh (1r-85v), Marc (86v-164r)  
Heilkrz 29381 fols.s12pN. FranceMatt (1-79v)  
Here O.I.1   Lucdon.  Hereford OFM 
Here O.II.1 s12sHereford CathLuc  
Here O.II.2 s12eHereford CathIohdon. Ralph Foliot 
Here O.III.7 s12eHereford CathIobdon. Ralph Foliot 
Here O.IV.01 s12sHereford CathNum  
Here O.IV.04 s12eHereford CathNum Deutdon. Ralph Foliot 
Here O.IV.07 s12eHereford CathEz Dandon. Ralph Foliot 
Here O.IV.12 s12sSt. Guthlac’sProphMin  
Here O.V.1 s12sSt. Guthlac’sGen  
Here O.V.3 s12s Deut  
Here O.V.7 s12sHereford CathIoh  
Here O.V.8 s12eHereford CathAct Apoc  EppCandon. Ralph Foliot 
Here O.VI.01 s12eHereford CathLucdon. Ralph Foliot 
Here O.VI.04 s12sHereford CathMatt  
Here O.VI.05 s12eHereford CathMarcdon. Ralph Foliot 
Here O.VI.06 s12sHereford CathEppPaul  
Here O.VI.09 s12sHereford CathExo  
Here O.VI.12 s12sHereford CathPss  
Here O.VII.10 s12sHereford CathMatt Marc Luc Ioh  
Here O.IX.01 s12eHereford CathRegdon. Ralph Foliot 
Here O.IX.05 s12eHereford CathIsa Ez  
Here O.IX.07 s12sHereford CathRuth Tob Judt Esth Ezr Neh [etc.]  
Here O.IX.11 s12mHereford CathIer Lam  
Here P.I.07 s12sHereford CathProphMin  
Here P.I.08 s12sHereford CathCant Apoc  
Here P.I.14 s12sHereford CathCant  
Here P.II.09 s12mHereford CathIob  
Here P.II.10 s12mHereford CathProv Ecle  
Here P.II.11 s12mHereford CathLev  
Here P.II.13  Iobdon. Richard Pede (15th c.) 
Here P.III.8 s12mHereford CathExo  
Here P.IV.03 s12mHereford CathProphMin Lam  
Here P.IV.12 s12mHereford CathPss  
Here P.V.8   Act EppCan Apocdon.  Hereford OFM 
Here P.IX.4 s12mHereford CathGen Exo  
Hild 64591 fols.s11Hildesheim CathDeut  
Hild 646124 fols.s11Hildesheim Cath1Reg 2Reg  
Hild 65049 fols.s11/12Hildesheim CathApoc  
Hild 656184 fols.s12eHildesheim CathLuc (2r-73v)GO? 
Hild J.73a.(17)2 fols.s12MindenApoc (30r-v), Reg (35r-v)2 loose leaves for binding 
Huesca 82173 fols.s14 Prov (1r-47r), Ecle (47r-), Cant (62v-), Sap Eclu  
Inns 259268 fols.s12mN.France>Stams OCistEppPaul  
Inns 268192 fols.s12sN.ItalyEppPaul  
Inns 299112 fols.s13Italy/France>Stams OCistLuc 5:5→  
Inns 79740 fols.s12Schnals OCartCant  
Karlsr Aug.pap.051269 fols.s14pReichenauPss (61v-268v)GO? 
Karlsr Aug.perg.020492 fols.s13ReichenauMarc  
Karlsr Aug.perg.0225104 fols.s13ReichenauProv  
Karlsr Aug.perg.023174 fols.s10ReichenauLevpre GO 
Karlsr Aug.perg.024273 fols.s12pReichenauEppCan  
Karlsr Aug.perg.025060 fols.s9/10ReichenauEppCanpre GO 
Karlsr StPeter.pap.21270 fols.s15mOberrheinIoh (70v-151r)  
KlgfU 1589 fols.s11Italy/MillstattEcle  (66r-89v)GO? 
KlgfU 4278 fols.s12MillstattEppPaul  
KlgfP 64211 fols.s13Friaul GurkEppPaul  
Klnbg 0152245 fols.s15/1459Klosterneuburg ?EppPaul‘pro altercatione’ 
Klnbg 0153234 fols.s12sN.FranceEppPaul‘pro altercatione’ 
Klnbg 0167141 fols.s13/1200N.FranceProphMin  
Klnbg 0180195 fols.s14eKlosterneuburgMatt Marc  
Klnbg 018364 fols.s12Italy ?Marc  
Klnbg 0190106 fols.s13pN.FranceEppCan  
Klnbg 0198271 fols.s14sKlosterneuburgMatt Marc  
Klnbg 024941 fols.s12eS.England/N.FranceDan  
Klnbg 025081 fols.s13mS.England/N.FranceMacc  
Klnbg 0580257 fols.s12/13Italy; N.France; KlosterneubergLuc Marc  
Klnbg 075769 fols.s11/12 EppCan MattMatt incomplete 
Klnbg 075870 fols.s12 EppCan  
Klnbg 076388 fols.s12Klosterneuburg ?Cant Apoc  
Klnbg 0788178 fols.s13Klosterneuburg ?Cant (1r-54v)  
Klnbg 0832141 fols.s13/14 Apoc (68r-117r), Apoc (118r-140r)GO? 
Klnbg 0947260 fols.s13 EppCan (92r-100r), Pss (193r-258v)GO? 
Klnbg 1115161 fols.s15 Cant (1-61)GO? 
KölnD 004105 fols.s12eFrance ?Exo  
KölnD 006174 fols.s13N.France/GermanyEcle1.1 1:1-2:5(2r-3v), Prov (5r-50v), Ecle2 (51r-66v), Cant (67r-84v), Sap (85r-107r), Eclu (107v-171v), Ecle1.2 2:6-2:12 (172r)2 versions of Ecle, the first split into two, the two parts appearing at the beginning and end. First version appears to be GO, second, Robert of Wigmore 
KölnD 007204 fols.s12France/GermanyPss (1r-194v), CantBib (194v-204v)  
KölnD 010117 fols.s13mN.France/GermanyDan (2r-32r), Ez (33r-117v)  
KölnD 02167 fols.s12/13N.France/GermanyMarc  
KölnD 022133 fols.s12/13N.France/GermanyLuc  
KölnD 02384 fols.s12mN.France/GermanyIoh  
KölnD 024179 fols.s13eGermanyAct (2r-86v), EppCan (87r-135v), Apoc (136r-179v)  
KölnD 025111 fols.s12mGermany ?EppPaul  
KölnD 026224 fols.s13iN.France/GermanyEppPaul  
KölnS W.21554 fols.s12pMaria LaachMatt  
Krak 0288 s12 Marc  
Krak 0308189 fols.s13mFranceMatt Marc  
Krak 0309118 fols.s13mFranceIs  
Krak 0310154 fols.s13sKrakOM/FLuc Ioh  
Krak 0311163 fols.s12/13 ProphMinGO; Lyra added? 
Krak 0312182 fols.s12?Basel ?Luc Ioh  
Krak 031380 fols.1401Kraków ?Matt Marc Luc Ioh  
Krak 0314.1207 fols.s13sNFranceMatt Marc  
Krak 0314.2212 fols.s13sNFranceLuc Ioh  
Krak 0316164 fols.s14mBasel ?Prov Ecle Cant Sap Eclu  
Krak 0317322 fols.s13pFrance/Par ?Prov Ecle Sap Eclu Cant EppCan Apoc Act  
Krak 1296276 fols.s15Kraków ?EppCan Prov Ecle Cant Sap Eclu  
Krak 2470 s12Basel/F?Marc  
Lamb Clm CXXV127 fols.s13 Pss (1v-79v), Apoc (80r-127v)GilPor 
Laon 007 s13VauclairGen1: Pet.Riga; 2: Gen. see CGM 
Laon 008 s13Val-Saint-PierreGen Exo Lev→8:6  
Laon 009 s12FoignyLev Deut  
Laon 010 s12VauclairDan Deut  
Laon 014 s9Val-Saint-PierrePsspre GO 
Laon 017 s12VauclairPssGilUni? (forte GilPor) 
Laon 019 s13Saint-VincentLev1: Lev; 2: Hugh SV. see CGM 
Laon 029255 fols.*s12sVauclairPss CantBibSee CGM ‘christus integer’ 
Laon 040 s13Laon CathIos Iudcalmost no gloss from Iudc 14:10 
Laon 041bis s13St-JeanProphMin  
Laon 042 s12VauclairProphMin‘cum glossa’ 
Laon 051 s12Laon CathIob  
Laon 052 s13CuissyIobGO? 
Laon 053 s13 Esth Tob Iudt‘cum glossis’ 
Laon 057 s12VauclairProvsee CGM 
Laon 066 s11Saint-VincentMattpre GO 
Laon 069 s13VauclairMattsee CGM 
Laon 070 s12/13CuissyMatt Iobsee CGM 
Laon 071 s12VauclairMatt Lamsee CGM 
Laon 073 s13Saint-VincentMatt  
Laon 074 s13Saint-VincentMatt Cantsee CGM;  Cant Dove: sigl. L 
Laon 076 s13Laon CathIoh Marc  
Laon 077 s12Saint-VincentIoh  
Laon 078 s13Saint-VincentIoh EppCansee CGM 
Laon 082 s13CuissyIoh  
Laon 085 s12VauclairIoh  
Laon 089 s13Laon CathLuc  
Laon 090 s13Laon CathLuc  
Laon 091 s13iSaint-VincentMarc  
Laon 095 s12CuissyMarc  
Laon 102 s13VauclairApoc 12Lapsee CGM 
Laon 108 s12VauclairEppPaul  
Laon 109 s12/13VauclairEppPaul‘avec glose’ 
Laon 112 s13iSaint-VincentEppCan Cant Apoc 12Lapsee CGM 
Laon 473 s13Laon CathIoh  
Laus IS.184156 fols.s13FranceSap  
Leid Voss.lat.F43123 fols.s13s Iob  
Leid Voss.lat.Q10486 fols.s12ItalyExo (1r-85r)  
Leip 065225 fols.s13 Is (2v-60r), Ier (60r-113v), Lam (113v-134v), Ez (136v-201r), Dan (201r-224v)  
Leip 078154 fols.s12 Matt  
Leip 091155 fols.s12s EppPaul  
Leip 426372 fols.s15i Lam (1-46v), Cant (313r-372v)  
LeM 116125 fols.s12 Matt  
Lilfd 157154 fols.s12FranceEclu (1r), Sap (76v-), Ruth (105r), Tob (111v-), Iudt (125r), Esth (142v)  
Lilfd 159348 fols.s12FranceEppPaul  
Lilfd 160143 fols.s11e/12i ?S.Germany ?>Heiligenkreuz ?Apoc (1r-132r)Haymo ? 
Lilfd 165137 fols.s13p Marc (1r-51v)  
Lilfd 173424 fols.s14iSienaGen (1r-219v), Exo (220r-425r)same hand: MSS 174-177, 179, 180, 183 
Lilfd 174322 fols.s14iSienaLev (1r-134v), Num (135r-322v)cf. MS 173 
Lilfd 175445 fols.s14iSienaIos (1r-77v), Iudc (77v-149v), Reg (150r-445v)cf. MS 173 
Lilfd 176356 fols.s14iSienaIs (1r-157v), Ier (158r-302v), Lam (302v-356v)cf. MS 173 
Lilfd 177300 fols.s14iSienaPara (1r-155v), Esdr (156r-192v), Neh (192v-232v), Tob (232v-254v), Iudt (254v-281v), Esth (281v-300r)cf. MS 173 
Lilfd 178592 fols.s14iSienaPss  
Lilfd 179111 fols.s14iSienaMarccf. MS 173 
Lilfd 180181 fols.s14iSienaIobcf. MS 173 
Lilfd 182172 fols.s14iSienaMatt  
Lilfd 183299 fols.s14iSienaProv1:5→ sapiens (1r-81v), Ecle (81v-107r), Cant (107r-129r), Sap1:9 erit → (141r-182v), Eclu (183r-299r)cf. MS 173 
Lilfd 184144 fols.s14iSienaMaccGO? Raban? No IG 
Lilfd 186166 fols.s14iSiena1Cor (1r-108r), 2Cor (108r-166r)same hand: MS 187; 2 cols. w/ blocks of text 
Lilfd 187330 fols.s14iSienaRom (1r-150r), Gal (151r-195r), Eph (195r-227v), Phil (227v-249v), Col (249v-269r), 1Thess (269r-284r), 2Thess (284r-293v), 1Tim (293v-316r), 2Tim (316r-330r)cf. MS 186 
Lilfd 190210 fols.s13eParis ?Ez (1r-156r), Dan (157r-209v)  
Lilfd 192244 fols.s14m ProphMin (1v-101v)4 vols.; ProphMin is vol. 1 
Linc 006 s12 EppPaulIlluminated (PetLom) 
Linc 028 s13 Reg Macc Para 1Esdr  
Linc 034 s13 Luc Ioh  
Linc 042 s14 Ez Dan ProphMin  
Linc 079 s13 Tob Iudt Esth Sap Eclu  
Linc 081 s13 Iob Dan  
Linc 097 s12 Ioh  
Linc 116 s13 Is Ier(GilAutun?) 
Linc 122 s12 Iohcatalogue adds ‘etc.’ 
Linc 139 s13 Pss(PetLom) 
Linc 144 s12 Pss(PetLom) 
Linc 146 s12 Reg  
Linc 147 s12 Pss(PetLom) 
Linc 159 s14/15 Matt Marc Luc(GO?) 
Linc 160 s13 EppPaul(PetLom) 
Linc 164 s14 Evv(TA; = CatAur) 
Linc 170 s12 EppPaul(PetLom) 
Linc 171 s12 EppPaul(Haimo) 
Linc 172 s12 Is  
Linc 175 s14 Pss(PetLom) 
Linc 176 s12 EppPaul(PetLom) 
Linc 178 s13 Exo(PetLom?) 
Linc 187 s12 Para Esdr Neh  
Linc 190 s13 Gen Exo Lev Num Deut(PetLom?) 
LinzS 41 (481)158 fols.s13Kloster BaumgartenbergExo (129r-158r)Raban; GO? 
LinzS 74 (360)164 fols.s15Garsten OSBApoc (84r-97r)GO? 
LinzS 98 (468)233 fols.s12Garsten OSBEppPaulHaimo; GO? 
LisbA XLV212 fols.s13Alcobaça OCistGen Exo  
LisbA XLVII166 fols.s14PortugueseGen  
LisbA XLVIII262 fols.s13ePortugueseLev Num Deut Ios Iudc  
LisbA XLIX109 fols.s14PortugueseLev  
LisbA LXXXIV116 fols.s13/14PortugueseIs  
LisbA LXXXV105 fols.s13iPortugueseIer Lam  
LisbA LXXXVII146 fols.s13France?ProphMin  
LisbA XCIII/2102 fols.s13eParisIoh (1r-57v), EppCan (58r-98v)  
LisbA XCVI221 fols.s13ePortugalEppPaul  
LisbA CVII s14PortugalEppPaulGilPor? 
LisbA CI122 fols.s13/14Portugal Alcobaça OCistMatt (22r-101r)  
LisbA CXXVI/4      
LisbG 6678 s13/14 Ioh EppCanCommentary in margins GO? 
LivCapp Ar.8.1130 fols.*s12sCamaldoliIs  
LivCL Sez.XVI n.9.Inv. 47270 fols.s12s Ioh  
Loch 20 fols.*s14VilleloinIob  
Loch 21 s13Le LigetIs  
LonBL Add.10924 s12eErfurtSP>P/FrancePss  
LonBL Add.16616 s13 Marc  
LonBl Add.16630
LonBL Add.16903180 fols.s12 Pss2→ CantBib (5r-164v)  
LonBL Add.16976s13e
LonBL Add.16977s13e
LonBL Add.16978s13e
LonBL Add.17378 s13iTournay StMartinMatt Marc  
LonBL Add.17379 s13iTournay StMartinLuc Ioh  
LonBL Add.17392231 fols.s12sEnglandPss (1r-151v), CantBib (152r-229v)  
LonBL Add.18043186 fols.s10StavelotPss CantBibpre GO? 
LonBL Add.18298196 fols.s12sS. Germany/E. FrancePss (2v-185v), CantBib (186r-196r)  
LonBL Add.22140 s12e Iob (7-74)  
LonBL Add.2393495 fols.s12mParc Abbey OCistIoh  
LonBL Add.24076 s13iLilly/FSap  
LonBL Add.24682 s13Steinfeld (Oldenburg)Rom1Cor 2Cor Gal Eph Phil Col 1Thess 2Thess 1Tim→6:17 (2v-)  
LonBL Add.31831272 fols.s13iCiteauxReg Para  
LonBL Add.34760170 fols.s12/13Woburn?Matt (4r-108), Ecle (140r-170)Robert Wigorniensis? 
LonBL Add.3516776 fols.s12pParis>ClairvauxLucPrince Henry; damaged 
LonBL Add.3859688 fols.s12Morimondo OCistEppCan  
LonBL Add.3963064 fols.s12eParc Abbey OCistIoh→18:37 et ad hoc veni in  
LonBL Add.4598296 fols.s13DutchLuc20:14-28 (12)mostly 20th c. materials 
LonBL Davis.386.(M72)153 fols.s13iStClaude de Jura OSBMatt (1r-96v), Marc (97r-152v)  
LonBL Eg.3273168 fols.s12/13Georgenberg>FiechtMatt (48-121)  
LonBL Harl.0404329 fols.*s13mFrance (Paris?)Matt-Apoc
LonBL Harl.1700121 fols.s12e/13i ProphMin  
LonBL Harl.3136110 fols.s12sSt Mary, Val-St-Lambert (Liège)Ioh (1r-110v)  
LonBL Harl.3163137 fols.s13mFrance/EnglandEz (1r-107r), Dan (107r-136v)  
LonBL Harl.3168172 fols.s13mFrance/EnglandProv Ecle Cant Sap Eclu  
LonBL Harl.3250193 fols.s12sEnglandMatt (1r-193r)‘commentarii’; 2 cols.;  GO? 
LonBL Harl.3762 163 fols.s12mFranceIs (1v-112r), Dan (113r-162r)  
LonBL Roy.2.D.X97 fols.s13BristolAct
LonBL Roy.3.C.VIII204 fols.s12eRochester ?Lev Num Deut→34:9  
LonBL Roy.4.C.X250 fols.s12RochesterGen Exo Lev Num Deut  
LonBL Roy.15.B.XI102 fols.s12RochesterLam (70-101)  
LonLam 0077164 fols.s13iLlanthonyEz (1r-) Dan (130v-)  
LonLam 0081124 fols.s12e/13iLlanthonyIob (1r-), Dan (95r-)  
LonLam 0085144 fols.s12eLlanthonyReg  
LonLam 0102243 fols.s12/3St. Albans, HertfordshireLuc (5r-), Ioh (149r-)  
LonLam 011083 fols.s12eFrance ?> LlanthonyExo  
LonLam 011472 fols.s12Lanthony OESAIudc Esth Tob Iudt  
LonLam 013056 fols.s12/13Llathony ?Matt  
LonLam 0134246 fols.s12/13 Is (1r-95r); Ier (97r-204r), Lam (204v-245r)  
LonLam 0153179 fols.s12/13Luc: Llanthony ?Is (7r-88r);; Luc→ 9: 44, fimbriam uestimenti eius. Et (156r-179r)  
LonLam 0154109 fols.s12eLlanthonyExo  
LonLam 0164130 fols.s12Italy>LlanthonyEppPaul‘pro altercatione’ 
LonLam 0170152 fols.s12eLlanthony ?Pss  
LonLam 0197196 fols.s12Italy>Llanthony ?Pss (-182v), CantBib (182b-)  
LonLam 0207178 fols.s12LesnesEppPaul  
LonLam 0208131 fols.s12LlanthonyIsGO? 
LonLam 0220103 fols.s12eLlanthony ?Luc  
LonLam 0228125 fols.s12e/13iLanthonyMatt  
LonLam 0229121 fols.s12eLanthonyMatt  
LonLam 023092 fols.s12eLanthonyMatt  
LonLam 023196 fols.s12LanthonyMatt  
LonLam 0349132 fols.s12(i?)Italy ?>LlanthonyGen  
LonLam 0385116 fols.s12LlanthonyLuc  
LonLam 038787 fols.s12LlanthonyMarc  
LonVic 1902/1697296 fols.s13sBolognaMatt (1r-79v), Marc (81r-134r), Luc (135r-231v), Ioh (233r-296v)  
LonVic 1980/7272 fols.*s12sFrance (Paris)Act  
Lund Medeltid.3119 fols.s12mParis ? France?Gen  
Lund Medeltid.4149 fols.s12mFrance ?Pss 2:3 → (1r-144r), CantBib → Abac 3:14 (144r-149v)  
Lunel 1111 fols.s12pE. EnglandPss CantBibCGM gives s10 date; GO? 
Lüne Theol.205375 fols.s14pFrance ?Lev (1r-86r), Num (86r-199v), Deut (201r-265r), Is (266r-375v)  
LuxBN 7795 fols.s14iOrval O.Cist.Act
Lyon 43575 fols.s12 EppCan (3-30)  
MadrA 41131 fols.s13San MillánProphMin  
MadrA 42261 fols.s13San MillánEppPaul  
MadrA 71201 fols.s13San Pedro de CardeñaMatt (1r-), Marc (51r-), Luc (93r-), Ioh (160r-)  
MadrA 83195 fols.s14 Prov (1r-52v), Ecle (53r-71r), Cant (72r-92v), Sap (94r-120r), Eclu (120v-195r)  
MadrA 9482 fols.s12 Apoc  
MadrN 00031.(vol.01)180 fols.s12MessinaGenpars pandectae 
MadrN 00032.(vol.02)157 fols.s12MessinaExopars pandectae 
MadrN 00033.(vol.03)117 fols.s12MessinaLevpars pandectae 
MadrN 00034.(vol.04)122 fols.s12MessinaNumpars pandectae 
MadrN 00035.(vol.05)117 fols.s12MessinaDeutpars pandectae 
MadrN 00036.(vol.06)180 fols.s12MessinaIos (1r-99v), Iudc (100r-180r)pars pandectae 
MadrN 00037.(vol.07)204 fols.s12MessinaProv (1r-90r), Ecle (90v-122r), Cant (124r-157r)pars pandectae; fols. 159r-204v: Gregory on Proverbs 
MadrN 00038.(vol.08)132 fols.s12MessinaEclupars pandectae 
MadrN 00039.(vol.09)196 fols.s12MessinaIspars pandectae 
MadrN 00040.(vol.10)192 fols.s12MessinaIer (1r-142v), Lam (146r-191v)pars pandectae 
MadrN 00041.(vol.11)199 fols.s12MessinaEzpars pandectae 
MadrN 00042.(vol.12)193 fols.s12MessinaProphMinpars pandectae 
MadrN 00043.(vol.13)126 fols.s12MessinaMattpars pandectae 
MadrN 00044.(vol.14)123 fols.s12MessinaLucpars pandectae 
MadrN 00045.(vol.15)115 fols.s12MessinaIohpars pandectae 
MadrN 00046.(vol.16)211 fols.s12MessinaEppPaulpars pandectae 
MadrN 00047.(vol.17)153 fols.s12MessinaEppCan (-67v), Apoc (69r-131r)pars pandectae; fols. 133r-154v: Bede on Acts 
MadrN 00123154 fols.s12MessinaEppPaul  
MadrN 00139128 fols.s12MessinaPara  
MadrN 00206172 fols.s13MessinaIer (3r-98v), Lam (99r-136v), Dan (137r-170r)lacks Dan 14:42 
MadrN 00216242 fols.s13MessinaReg  
MadrN 00217172 fols.s13MessinaReg  
MadrN 00218212 fols.s13 Prov (2r-61r), Ecle (61r-80v), Cant (81r-106r), Sap (106r-135v), Eclu (135v-212v)  
MadrN 0023276 fols.s12MessinaMarc  
MadrN 00253182 fols.s13 ProphMin (1r-92v), Ez (93r-183v)  
MadrN 0029850 fols.s12sMessinaApoc (2r-33v)  
MadrN 0037740 fols.s12MessinaApoc (2r-31v), Cant (31v-40r)  
MadrN Vitr5/968 fols.s12mToledo CathCant (1r-27v), Lam (30r-67v)online catalog omits Lamentations 
MadrPC s12mAdmontApoc  
MainzS I.19689 fols.s12/13Mainz OCarthIoh  
MainzS II.01590 fols.s12Mainz OCarthIoh  
MainzS II.075245 fols.s13Mainz OCarthPssGO? 
MainzS II.077127 fols.s12Mainz OCarthEppPaul  
MainzS II.078117 fols.s13Mainz OCarthLuc  
MainzS II.15359 fols.s14UniversityEppPaulGO? 
MainzS II.186249 fols.s12UniversityMatt Marc Luc Ioh  
MainzS II.221204 fols.s13Mainz OCarthProv Ecle Cant  
Manch 23203 fols.s12 EppPaul  
Mant  592.(E.III.20)100 fols.s12sMantova OFMExo  
Mant  630.(E.IV.21)91 fols.s12Mantova OFMMatt  
Mant  632.(E.IV.23)54 fols.s12Mantova OFMAct  
Mant  642.(E.V.6)135 fols.s12Mantova OFMIer  
Mant 647.(E.V.11)105 fols.s13Mantova OFMIs  
Mant 655.(F.II.1)199 fols.s12Mantova OFMPss (1r-183v), CantBib (183v-196r)  
Mant 715.(F.III.23)106 fols.s12Mantova OFMLuc  
Mant 782.(G.II.4)89 fols.s13Mantova OFMEppCan  
Mant 783.(G.II.5)51 fols.s12Mantova OFMEppCan  
Mant 784.(G.II.6)145 fols.s12sMantova OFMLuc  
Mant 898.(H.I.24)65 fols.s13sMantova OFMEppCan  
MarSaal 41331 fols.s15 Act Para IerGO? 
Marsei 0011201 fols.s14Villeneuve, OCarthGen Exo  
Marsei 0012229 fols.s14Villeneuve, OCarthIos Iudc Ruth Esdr Neh 2Esdr Tob Esth Macc  
Marsei 0013209 fols.s14Villeneuve, OCarthReg Para  
Marsei 0014279 fols.s14Villeneuve, OCarthPss  
Marsei 0015198 fols.s14Villeneuve, OCarthIob Prov Ecle Cant Sap Eclu  
Marsei 0016181 fols.s14Villeneuve, OCarthProv Ecle Cant Sap Eclu  
Marsei 0017136 fols.s14Villeneuve, OCarthIs Ier  
Marsei 0018197 fols.s14Villeneuve, OCarthEz Dan ProphMin  
Marsei 0019136 fols.s14Villeneuve, OCarthProphMin  
Marsei 0020175 fols.s14Villeneuve, OCarthMatt Marc  
Marsei 0021171 fols.s14Villeneuve, OCarthLuc Ioh  
Marsei 0022308 fols.s14Villeneuve, OCarthEppPaul  
Marsei 0033104 fols.s14sVilleneuve, OCarthPssfull text of psalter, gloss through 17:4 
Marsei 0051116 fols. Villeneuve, OCarthAct  
Melk 002196 fols.s12 Matt  
Melk 0025239 fols.s13FranceLev (2r-74v), Num (180r-), Deut (-238v)  
Melk 0098201 fols.s13FranceGen (2r-100v), Exo (101r-199v)  
Melk 0199125 fols.s13FranceLuc (2r-124r)  
Melk 0200175 fols.s13FranceProv (2r-47v), Ecle (48r-66v), Cant (66v-88v), Sap (88v-119v), Eclu (119v-174v)  
Melk 0205149 fols.s13FranceEz (1r-112v), Dan (113r-146r)  
Melk 0207164 fols.s13FranceIer (3r-115r), Lam (115r-163v)  
Melk 028785 fols.s14 Iob  
Melk 0295140 fols.s13pMelkIer (1v-85r), Lam (85v-140r)Ier is Jerome 
Melk 0397170 fols.s13FranceIos (2r-49/1v), Iudc (49/1v-68r), Ruth (70r-75r), Esdr (76r-99v), Neh (100r-124r), Tob (124r-139v), Iudt (139r-156r), Esth (156r-167v)note folio overlap between Tob and Iudt 
Melk 0577127 fols.s13sFranceMatt‘commentarius’ GO? 
Melk 059382 fols.s13iFranceMarc (1r-78r)  
Melk 0691126 fols.s12Melk ?EppPaultext w/ PetLom prol; GO? 
Melk 0716147 fols.s12eItalyEppPaul (2r-146v)  
Melk 0719120 fols.s12eFranceLuc  
Melk 072060 fols.s12eItaly ?Ioh (2r-59v)  
Melk 074396 fols.c1200Melk ?Matt (1v-96r)  
Melk 0783106 fols.s13France ?Is  
Melk 083867 fols.s13pMelk ?Ioh  
Melk 0841103 fols.s12eFranceMatt  
Melk 1890176 fols.s13FrancePara (1r-82v), Macc (83r-174v)  
Melk 191089 fols.s12Melk ?Ioh  
Melk 1912133 fols.s12MelkEppPaul  
Metz 0008 s14Metz CathProv Ecle Cant Sap EcluDestroyed by fire 31 Aug 1944 
Metz 0014 s10Metz CathPssDestroyed by fire 31 Aug 1944 
Metz 0320125 fols.s13Trier OCarthLuc  
Metz 0447 s13iMetz CathApocDestroyed by fire 31 Aug 1944 
Metz 1179245 fols.s12Italy/Padua ?Pss (3r-229v), CantBib (229v-244)gloss ends fol. 238r (a bit on 242r); don. L-N Salis 
Metz 1193220 fols.s12Trier, St. MartinPss (1r-203r), CantBib (203r-217v)don. Salis; both MSS 1179 and 1193 are early: first gloss is the last protheme in Rusch. No other front matter 
Metz 121199 fols.s13 Luc1:7 sterilis et ambo → (1r-96v)  
MilBA A.174.inf.146 fols.s13 Exo Num  
MilBN AD.XIV.41104 fols.s12OESA Milano ?Ioh  
MilCap II.E.4.00275 fols.s13i Lam  
MilCap 19 s12/13 Ioh  
MilCap 21 s14? Exo  
MilCap 22 s12/13 EppPaul Sap  
MonCas 210D206 fols.s13 Pss CantBib  
MonCas 236   EppPaul  
MonCas 244   EppPaul  
MonCas 248   EppPaul  
MonCas 264 12mMonteCassExo Lev  
Mntp H.017193 fols.s13sClairvauxProv Cant Ecle  
Mntp H.155124 fols.s12pClairvauxMattdon. Prince Henry 
Mntp H.296194 fols.s12pClairvauxPss CantBib  
Mntp H.298151 fols.s13Troyes SEGen  
Mtser 003123 fols.s14 Matt1:19b →  
Monz a-03/10264 fols.s12eItalianPss (1r-247r), CantBib (247v-264v)  
Monz a-04/11153 fols.s12Italy; Lombardy ?Gen  
Monz a-05/12123 fols.s12eFrench ?Gen  
Monz a-06/13124 fols.s12eFrench ?Exo  
Monz a-07/1490 fols.s12eItalianLev  
Monz a-08/1698 fols.s12eFrench ?Num  
Monz a-09/1788 fols.s12sMonzaDeut  
Monz a-10/1870 fols.s12eMonzaIos  
Monz a-11/1962 fols.s12eMonzaIudc  
Monz a-12/21168 fols.s12eItalian ?Reg  
Monz a-13/2281 fols.s12eMonzaPara  
Monz a-1490 fols.s12e Dan Esdr  
Monz a-15/2588 fols.s12ItalianIob  
Monz a-16/2769 fols.s12eMonzaProv  
Monz a-17/2868 fols.s12eMonzaEcle Sap  
Monz a-18/2974 fols.s12eMonzaEclu  
Monz a-19/30115 fols.s12eLombardy ?Is  
Monz a-20/3247 fols.s12French ?Dan  
Monz a-21/3386 fols.s12French ?Marc  
Monz a-22/3487 fols.s12eLombardyMarc  
Monz a-23/35127 fols.s12eItalianLuc  
Monz a-24/3692 fols.s12eItalianIoh  
Monz a-25/3785 fols.s12eLombardyIoh  
Monz a-26/3894 fols.s12sFrench ?Act  
Monz a-27/39210 fols.s12eFrench ?EppPaul  
Monz b-01/41216 fols.s12eItalianEppPaul  
Monz b-02/4255 fols.s12eLombardy; Monza ?Apoc  
Monz b-03/4832 fols.s12eItalianCant  
Monz b-04/50128 fols.s13ItalianProphMin  
Monz b-05/5193 fols.s12eMonza ?Matt  
Monz b-06/5298 fols.s12eTransalpine ?Ioh  
Monz b-07/54128 fols.s12ItalianRom 1Cor 2Cor Gal Eph Phil Col Heb  
Monz b-08/5584 fols.s14iItalianIas 1Pet→2:23 (3v-32r)gloss ends at 1Pet 2:23 
Monz b-09/5693 fols.s12eItalianEppCan  
Monz e-04120 fols.s12eMonzaNum  
Monz e-05/20128 fols.s12eMonzaReg  
Monz e-06/24160 fols.s13(p?)French ?Iob (1r-110r), Tob (111r-127r), Iudt (127r-146r), Esth→9:25 (146v-158v)  
Monz e-08/31103 fols.s12eMonzaEz  
Monz e-09/40227 fols.s12ItalyEppPaul  
Monz e-11/45229 fols.s12eItalyPss (1r-218r), CantBib (218r-229v)  
Monz e-13/49161 fols.s12eLombardyIer (1r-114v), Lam (116r-147r), Bar (152r-161r)  
Monz i-11/14032 fols.s12eItalianIob (1r-32v)  
MüS 00335109 fols.s12/13 Luc  
MüS 0258753 fols.s13AldersbachApoc (2r-51v), 12Lap (52r-v)  
MüS 02947111 fols.s12sNFrance>AltomünsterCant (1r-64v), Ecle (65r-111r)  
MüS 03009174 fols.s13AndechsEppPaul  
MüS 0370658 fols.s12France?>Augsburg CathEppCan→ Iude 24 exultatione in (1r-35v), Apoc1:1 deus palam → (36r-58r)one folium missing between 35r and 35v, giving the end of Iude and the beginning of Apoc 
MüS 0370757 fols.s12sAugsburg Cath ?EppCan  
MüS 03716112 fols.s13France?>Augsburg CathDeut  
MüS 0372087 fols.s13France?>Augsburg CathIoh  
MüS 0373294 fols.s13/14France>Augsburg CathEclu (1v-63v), Sap (64r-93v)  
MüS 0373349 fols.s12eFrance>Augsburg CathApoc  
MüS 0373886 fols.s13France>Augsburg CathEppCan (1v-50v), Sap (51r-86r)  
MüS 03743150 fols.s13France>Augsburg CathEppPaul  
MüS 0374498 fols.s13France?>Augsburg CathMattno gloss from 1:23 interpretatum (2v-98v) 
MüS 03745111 fols.s12sFrance>Augsburg CathExo  
MüS 03746111 fols.s12sFrance>Augsburg CathGen  
MüS 0379488 fols.s13iParis?>Augsburg CathLev  
MüS 03803123 fols.s13Augsburg CathLam (1r-54r), Tob (55r-73v), Iudt (74r-96v), Esth (97r-113r), Ruth (113v-121r)  
MüS 03816136 fols.s12/13France>Augsburg CathLuc  
MüS 03817101 fols.s13France?>Augsburg CathIos (1r-55r), Iudc (55v-101r)  
MüS 0382095 fols.s13Bodensee?>Augsburg CathMarc  
MüS 03835184 fols.s13France>Augsburg CathLuc (1r-118v), Ioh (119r-183v)  
MüS 03839190 fols.s13France>Augsburg CathEppPaul (Collectanea)Lombard: 3-col layout, similar to Ecle 
MüS 0452894 fols.s14France>BenediktbeurenGensee printed catalogue 
MüS 04543161 fols.s13BenediktbeurenLucsee printed catalogue 
MüS 04551110 fols.s13/14France>BenediktbeurenProphMinsee printed catalogue 
MüS 04562202 fols.s12eFrance>BenediktbeurenExo (1r-93v), Num (94v-202r)see printed catalogue 
MüS 04565161 fols.s12pRhein>BenediktbeurenEppPaul  
MüS 04568136 fols. [see notes]I: s13s; II: s12eI: ?; II: N.Italy>BenediktbeurenII: Apoc (109r-136r)2 vols. I: 1-108; II: 109-136; see printed catalogue 
MüS 04574156 fols.s12eFrance>BenediktbeurenLev (1v-81r), Deut (82v-156r)see printed catalogue 
MüS 04575201 fols. [see notes]I: s12e; II: s13i; III: s12mI/II:France; III:C.Italy>BenediktbeurenI: Matt (1r-90v), II: Marc (91v-144r), III: Ioh (145r-201v)3 vols.  I: 1-90; II: 91-144; III: 145-201; see printed catalogue 
MüS 04579181 fols. [see notes]I: s12m; II: s12sC.Italy/??>BenediktbeurenI: Matt (1v-127v); II: Marc (128r-181r)2 vols.  I: 1-127; II: 128-181; see printed catalogue 
MüS 04598127 fols. [see notes]I: s12e; II: s13i; III: s13pBenediktbeurenI: Cant (1v-28r), II: EppCan (29r-59v)3 vols. I: 1-28; II: 29-60; III: 61-127; see printed catalogue 
MüS 05257a182 fols.s13ChiemseePsssee printed catalogue 
MüS 0552271 fols.s13/14DiessenIohsee printed catalogue 
MüS 05523114 fols.s14DiessenEppCan (44-114)see printed catalogue 
MüS 05675206 fols.1446DiessenEppPaul (1-105)see printed catalogue 
MüS 05824172 fols.s13EbersbergPsssee printed catalogue 
MüS 06102136 fols.s14Eichstätt OPCant (1-42)see printed catalogue 
MüS 06179320 fols.1447FrauenzPss (95-159)see printed catalogue 
MüS 06202129 fols.1348N.Italy (Padua?)>FreisingIob  
MüS 06203209 fols.s13Italy>FreisingPssPetLom; 2 cols. Psalm text ‘chunked’ 
MüS 0620682 fols.s13France>FreisingMatt  
MüS 06216130 fols.s12eFrance>FreisingEppPaulGilPoit; 2 cols., one for text, one for commentary 
MüS 06218105 fols.s12eFrance>FreisingIs  
MüS 06219111 fols.s12sFrance>FreisingProphMin  
MüS 0622288 fols.s12eFrance>FreisingLev  
MüS 06231163 fols.s12sFrance>FreisingPss (1v-151v), CantBib (152r-159v)  
MüS 06234127 fols.  [see notes]I: s12e; II: s12mItaly>FreisingI: EppCan (1r-47r); II: Ioh (48r-126r)2 vols.  I:1-47; II: 48-127 
MüS 0631839 fols.s10eMetz?>FreisingRegpre GO 
MüS 07618136 fols.s12IndersdorfPsssee printed catalogue; ‘Christus integer caput’ 
MüS 07620126 fols.s13IndersdorfLucsee printed catalogue; GO? 
MüS 07626157 fols.s12IndersdorfEppPaul (51-157)see printed catalogue; GO? 
MüS 07627160 fols.s12IndersdorfCant Apoc EppPaulsee printed catalogue; GO? 
MüS 07630144 fols.s12/13IndersdorfProphMinsee printed catalogue; GO? 
MüS 0776364 fols.s12IndersdorfMarcGO?; see printed catalogue 
MüS 07929275 fols.s14KaisheimGen Exo Lev Num DeutGO?; see printed catalogue 
MüS 07930113 fols.s14KaisheimGenGO?; see printed catalogue 
MüS 07931104 fols.s14KaisheimExoGO?; see printed catalogue 
MüS 07932170 fols.s13KaisheimExoGO?; see printed catalogue 
MüS 0793395 fols.s14KaisheimEsdr Tob Iudt EsthGO?; see printed catalogue 
MüS 07935266 fols.s13KaisheimPsssee printed catalogue  ‘parva’ 
MüS 07936192 fols.s14KaisheimPss‘magna’ see printed catalogue 
MüS 07938235 fols.s13KaisheimLuc (1r-), Ioh (70r-), EppPaul (103r-)see printed catalogue 
MüS 07946220 fols.s14KaisheimPss (134-220)see printed catalogue 
MüS 08329402 fols.1450München OESAPss (1-121)see printed catalogue 
MüS 09526138 fols.s14Ober-AltaichPssPetLom? See printed catalogue 
MüS 0954576 fols.s10Ober-AltaichEppPaul EppCancum argumentis et scholiis’; pre GO 
MüS 09566282 fols. [see notes]1; s14; 2; s12Ober-Altaich1: {Is Ier} (1-222)2 vols. 1: 1-222; 2: 223-282;  ‘cum expositione’ GO? 
MüS 10008203 fols.s13/14France>Pisciaco OPProv (1r-56v), Sap (57r-80v), Ecle (81r-96v), Cant (97r-119r), Eclu (119r-203v)see printed catalogue 
MüS 10026228 fols.s13N.France>Pisciaco OPMatt (2r-94r), Luc (95r-227v)see printed catalogue 
MüS 10027239 fols.s13pN.France>Paderborn SJIoh (1r-90v), Luc (92r-238v)see printed catalogue 
MüS 11009135 fols.s13PassauExocum glossa Rabani’; GO? 
MüS 11020109 fols.s11PassauPss (5r-102r), CantBib (102r-109r)cum scholiis, glossis, pictis..’ Lacks Beatus vir; no gloss on CantBib; pre GO; gloss begins: Dominus Augustinus. omnium psalmorum diligenter intuentibus una contextio 
MüS 14223125 fols.s12sNFrance>BavariaIob  
MüS 1426271 fols.s12mE.France ?Marc  
MüS 14327178 fols.s13sN.Italy(Venice ?)EppPaul  
MüS 14339189 fols.s12mPiedmont ?Pss  
MüS 15137158 fols.s15Rebdorf CRSAPsssee printed catalogue GO? 
MüS 15511171 fols.s14Rot a.Inn OSBPsssee printed catalogue 
MüS 16005131 fols.s11/12SNicolaus PassauProphMinsee printed catalogue 
MüS 16006175 fols.s12SNicolaus PassauEppPaulsee printed catalogue 
MüS 16459212 fols.s15SZeno ReichenhallEppPaulsee printed catalogue 
MüS 17042107 fols.s12Schäftlarn CRSAEppPaulsee printed catalogue 
MüS 17044120 fols.s11/12SchäftlarnMattsee printed catalogue ‘cum scholiis’ 
MüS 17222281 fols.1398SchäftlarnPss (1-100)see printed catalogue 
MüS 17291257 fols.s15SchäftlarnIob (246-257)see printed catalogue GO? 
MüS 17552443 fols.s15SchleissheimEppPaul (231-405)see printed catalogue 
MüS 18117183 fols.s11mTegernseePsspre GO 
MüS 18121241 fols.s11TegernseePss (8-198) CantBib (199-212)pre GO; similar to MS 11020 
MüS 18318314 fols.1433TegernseeEppCan ? (1-), Matt (-122)which ‘Epp’ not specified in catalogue 
MüS 18525a155 fols.s14TegernseePss1-110see printed catalogue 
MüS 18530a165 fols.s11/12TegernseeEppPaul# (1r-108v), EppCan## (111r-), Iob (127v-165r)#Incl. ad Laod. (no gloss); ##almost no gloss 116r-122v (1Pet2:3 through 2Pet; picks up again with 1Ioh) 
MüS 18531a263 fols.s12TegernseeEppPaul Cantsee printed catalogue 
MüS 18532a188 fols.s12TegernseeEppPaulsee printed catalogue ‘cum glossa ex Amb. comm.’ 
MüS 18953145 fols.s13TegernseeCant (1-31), Cant (32-62)GO? ‘expositio’ catalogue seems to describe 2nd Cant 
MüS 1910441 fols.s12TegernseeApocsee printed catalogue 
MüS 1912590 fols.s12TegernseeIoh (1-62)see printed catalogue 
MüS 21215109 fols.s11/12UlmEppPaulsee printed catalogue 
MüS 21236136 fols.s13UlmProphMinsee printed catalogue 
MüS 22007341 fols.s12WessobrunnPsssee printed catalogue 
MüS 22017174 fols.s12WessobrunnPsssee printed catalogue 
MüS 2202664 fols.s12WessobrunnProphMinsee printed catalogue 
MüS 22027176 fols.s12WessobrunnPss Cantsee printed catalogue Pss: ‘media’ 
MüS 2202879 fols.s12WessobrunnMattsee printed catalogue 
MüS 22257188 fols.s13WindbergMarc (122-188)see printed catalogue 
MüS 22258a49 fols.s12WindbergApocsee printed catalogue 
MüS 2225985 fols.s12WindbergEcle Cantsee printed catalogue 
MüS 22274244 fols.s13/14WindbergEppCan (106-151)GO? ‘cum glossa uberrima’  see printed catalogue 
MüS 22281197 fols.s12WindbergIoh (40r-137r)see printed catalogue 
MüS 26305113 fols.s13 Iobdon. S. Quatremeri; see printed catalogue 
MüS 28192149 fols.s13 Is  
MüUB 2º.032162 fols.s12S.GermanyEppPaul  
MüUB 2º.033184 fols.s12N.Italy/Parma ?EppPaul  
MüUB 2º.036178 fols.s12mS.GermanyPss (1r-172r), CantBib (172r-178v)GO thru Ps144 
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