Prophetae Minores (RB 11813-11824)

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Location ShelfmarkFolios (fols.)DateProvenanceContentsNotes 
Alen 0082158 fols.*s13St ÉvroultProphMin  
Alen 0083107 fols.s13St ÉvroultProphMin  
Arr 007665 fols.s12eSaint-VaastProphMin  
Arr 0103103 fols.s13Saint-VaastProphMin  
Arr 0105100 fols.s14Saint-VaastProphMin  
Arr 0272103 fols.s13Saint-VaastProphMin= Toul 40; 14c note at end: don. ‘magistri Bernardi succentoris Belvacensis’ 
Arr 052991 fols.s13Saint-VaastProphMincf. MSS 0520, 0486, 0489 
Arr 0536195 fols.s13Saint-VaastEz ProphMin  
Arr 085048 fols.s13Saint-VaastProphMin  
Arr 097649 fols.s14Saint-ÉloiProphMin  
Avr 019178 fols.s12 ProphMin (1-132)  
BarcU 0499128 fols.s14Gerona/FrProphMin (1r-128v)pars pandectae 
Bas B.II.7115 fols.s13m ProphMin  
Bas B.VI.11113 fols.s13Basel OPProphMin (1r-94r)Os sine glossa 
BerlS Rose.249.(th.f.221)241 fols.s14Magedeburg OFMIob (1v-), ProphMin (104r-)  
Bes 0027186 fols.s13m ProphMin Isdon. Étienne Pascellet 
Bord 033134 fols.s13 ProphMin  
Bour 071132 fols.s13Bourges CathProphMincf. MS 070 
Cambrai 0309136 fols.*s13iCambrai CathProphMin  
CamPem 055386 fols. (146bis)s13BuryRuth (1r-11v), Esth (12r-26v), Ios (27r-90r), Iudc (90v-139r), Tob (139v-156v), Iudt (156v-179r), Esdr (180r-213r), Neh (213r-243v), ProphMin (244r-382r)  
CamPem 064156 fols.s12BuryProv (1r-46v), Ecle (47r-68v), ProphMin (69v-155v)see catalogue: hand from Christ Church Cant 
CamPem 065136 fols.s12eBuryProphMin (1r-95v), Dan (96r-132v)  
CamPem 149166 fols.s13CantChrChurProphMin (1r-166r)don. Ralph of Reims 
CamT B.3.11143 fols.s12/13CantChrChurProphMinBecket set ? 
CamT B.4.381 fols.s12BuildwasProphMin  
CamU Ii.2.6289 fols.s14 Tob Iudt Esth Macc ProphMincf. MS Dd.13.5 
CamU Kk.4.21107 fols.s12 ProphMin  
Chart 0185155 fols.s13Chartres ChapProphMindamaged during allied bombing June 26, 1944 
Chart 0201366 fols.s13Chartres ChapIs (1r-), Ier (96r-), Ez (157v-), Dan (235r-), ProphMin (247v-), Cant (310r-), Prov (326r-), Ecle (353r-)destroyed during allied bombing June 26, 1944 
ClerF 0013148 fols.s13Saint-AllyreProphMinpandect MSS 0003-0019 
Darm 903159 fols.s13pKonstanz CathProphMin (2r-159v)  
Douai 0022.10 fols.*s13Abbaye d’AnchinProphMin (1r-)  
DurC A.II.08 s14i EppCan Iob Prov Ecle Cant Sap Eclu Apoc ProphMin  
DurC A.III.24 s12sDurham CathProphMindon. Adington 
Englb 076124 fols.s12mEngelbergProphMin  
Esc a.III.7146 fols.s14e ProphMin  
GerF (129).1182 fols.s11/12 Dan ProphMin Dan (frgmt)  
FirML S.Marco.726s14ProphMin
FirML S.Marco.729s12ProphMin
Heilkrz 032116 fols.s13psN. FranceProphMinGO? 
Heilkrz 201127 fols.s12pFranceProphMin  
Here O.IV.12s12sSt. Guthlac’sProphMin
Here P.I.07s12sHereford CathProphMin
Here P.IV.3 s12mHerefordProphMin Lam  
Klnbg 0167141 fols.s1200N.FranceProphMin  
Krak 0311163 fols.s12/13 ProphMinGO; Lyra added? 
Laon 041bis s13St-JeanProphMin  
Laon 042 s12VauclairProphMin‘cum glossa’ 
Lilfd 192244 fols.s14m ProphMin (1v-101v)4 vols. ProphMin is vol. 1 
Linc 042 s14 Ez Dan ProphMin  
LisbA LXXXVII146 fols.s13France?ProphMin  
LonBL Harl.1700121 fols.s12e/13i ProphMin  
MadrA 41131 fols.s13San MillánProphMin  
MadrN 00042.(vol.12)193 fols.s12MessinaProphMinpars pandectae 
MadrN 00253182 fols.s13 ProphMin (1r-92v), Ez (93r-183v)  
Marsei 0018197 fols.s14Villeneuve, OCarthEz Dan ProphMin  
Marsei 0019136 fols.s14Villeneuve, OCarthProphMin  
Monz b-04/50128 fols.s13ItalianProphMin  
MüS 04551110 fols.s13/14France>BenediktbeurenProphMinsee printed catalogue 
MüS 06219111 fols.s12sFrance>FreisingProphMin  
MüS 07630144 fols.s12/13IndersdorfProphMinsee printed catalogue; GO? 
MüS 16005131 fols.s11/12SNicolaus PassauProphMinsee printed catalogue 
MüS 21236136 fols.s13UlmProphMinsee printed catalogue 
MüS 2202664 fols.s12WessobrunnProphMinsee printed catalogue 
Nürn Cent.IV.64356 fols.s13N.France>Nürn OPIs Ier Lam Ez Dan ProphMin (gaps throughout)pandect: MSS 55, 59-61, 64, 66-69 
Nürn Cent.IV.6590 fols.s13N.France>Nürn OP ?ProphMin (gaps throughout)pandect: MSS 57, 58, 63 
NYPM M962 s12 ProphMin  
OloZ 075120 fols.s13 ProphMin  
OloZ 085205 fols.s14 Ez Dan ProphMin  
OloZ 317264 fols.s14 Iob ProphMin  
OloZ 432195 fols.s15 Exo Cant Is ProphMin  
OxB Auct.D.2.1291 fols.s13Reading AbbeyProphMin (1r-87r)  
OxB Auct.D.2.13128 fols.s13eWindsorProphMin  
OxB Auct.D.2.21158 fols.s13sEnglish?ProphMin  
OxCo 016140 fols.s12eCorpChrProphMin  
ParA 0139230 fols.s13St-VictorProphMin (1r-), Ez (79r-), Dan (190r-)  
ParA 0141135 fols.s13Coll NavarreProphMin  
ParG 0031261 fols.s12/13St-GenevièveIer Lam Ez Dan ProphMin  
ParG 0066140 fols.s13Saint-Iean Baptiste (de Jard)ProphMindon. fr Theo 
ParM 0096295 fols.s13 Prov Ecle Cant Sap Eclu Is Ier Ez Dan ProphMin Lam  
ParM 0106157 fols.s13p ProphMin  
ParM 0107127 fols.s13mMag. Laurentii de Ville au BlesoisProphMin  
ParM 0108147 fols.s13Blancs-Manteaux, ParisProphMin  
ParM 0137261 fols.s13iSVictorProphMin (1r-) Macc (150r-)cf. MS 0131 
ParM 0178234 fols.s13iOCarm ParisCant (41-), Is (51-), Ier (101v-), Lam (126v-), Ez (134-), Dan (174-), Esdr (182-), ProphMin (192-)‘Postilles’; GO? 
ParM 024234 fols.s12 ProphMinbadly damaged 
ParN 00131144 fols.s13 Cant ProphMinexcerpta 
ParN 00141216 fols.s13 ProphMin (1r-215v)  
ParN 00142177 fols.s13/14 ProphMin (1r-175r)fol. 8v/9r not on mfm 
ParN 00143117 fols.s13 ProphMin (1v-85r), Cant (85v-117r)  
ParN 00151257 fols.s13m Ier (1r-95v), Lam (95v-135r), ProphMin (136r-257v)  
ParN 00318101 fols.s13 Apoc (1r-18v), ProphMin (19r-101v)  
ParN 00502235 fols.s13e/14 Ez (1r-102v), Dan (102v-135v), ProphMin (135v-235r)cf. MS 00369 
ParN 00508101 fols.s13 ProphMin (1r-101r)  
ParN 09406137 fols.s13p ProphMin (2r-137r)cf. MS 09402 
ParN 09416170 fols.s13 ProphMin (1r-170r)  
ParN 09417163 fols.s13 ProphMin (1r-163r)  
ParN 11545437 fols.s13SGermPrés / St-Maur-de-FossésProv (1-44v) Ecle (44v-59r) Cant (59r) Sap (-99v) Eclu (99v-156r)  Ez (157r-280r) Dan (280r-321v) ProphMin (323r-437r)cf. MS 11543 
ParN 11556281 fols.s13mSGermPrésProphMin  
ParN 11557246 fols.s13mSGermPrésProphMin  
ParN 11953117 fols.s12SGermainProphMin; (1r-117v)don. PetPict 
ParN 15220314 fols.s13mSorbonneIs (1r-62v), Ier (63r-145r), Ez (145r-215r), Dan (216r-240v), ProphMin (241r-314r)  
ParN 15223222 fols.s13mSorbonneIs (1r-72r), Dan (73r-104r), ProphMin (104v-191r)  
ParN 15226 s13mSorbonneEz (2v-), Dan (102-), ProphMin (135-)  
ParN 15227 s13England?>SorbonneProphMin  
ParN 15511 s13SorbonneProph“various books of the Prophets with gloss” 
ParN 15512 s13SorbonneProph“various books of the Prophets with gloss” 
ParN 15514 s13SorbonneProph“various books of the Prophets with gloss” 
ParN 15515 s13SorbonneProph“various books of the Prophets with gloss” 
ParN 15516 s13SorbonneProph“various books of the Prophets with gloss” 
ParN 15517 s13SorbonneProph“various books of the Prophets with gloss” 
ParN 15518 s13SorbonneProph“various books of the Prophets with gloss” 
ParN 15519 s13SorbonneProph“various books of the Prophets with gloss” 
ParS 017217 fols.s14iCollège Louis-le-GrandIob (1r-), ProphMin (95r-)  
Popp 043136 fols.*s13iAssisi OFMProphMin  
Reims 0192257 fols.s14St-RemiProv (1r-38r), Ecle (38r-51r), Cant (51r-66r), Sap (66r-83v), Eclu (84r-137r), Lam (138r-163r), ProphMin (164r-257v)  
Reims 0194165 fols.s13eSt-RemiProphMin  
RomBC 1061135 fols.*s12/13 ProphMinadditional images here 
RomBC 1082115 fols.*s14FrenchProphMinadditional images here 
RomBNC Sess.2984 fols.s13S.Croce Jeru OCistProphMin  
Rouen 078.(A.109)231 fols.s13pJumiègesEz Dan ProphMindon. Walter Cloel 
Rouen 079.(A.169)127 fols.s13FécampProphMin  
Rouen 080.(A.182)161 fols.s12eSt-Ouen de RouenProphMindon. Lucas bp d’Evreux 
Rouen 081.(A.338)120 fols.s12sJumiègesProphMindon. mag. Alexander 1171 
Rouen 082.(A.208)218 fols.s12JumiègesProphMin (9r-125v)  
SalzS a.VIII.11274pps12 ProphMin  
StOmer 0014430 fols.s14St-BertinIs (1r-98r), Ier (98r-210r), Lam (210r-218v), Ez (219r-311v), Dan (311v-341r), ProphMin (341v-430v)  
StOmer 0104123 fols.s14ClairmaraisProphMin (2r-123r)  
StOmer 0220148 fols.s13St-BertinDan (1v-29v), ProphMin (29v-148v)XII: GilUni 
StOmer 023096 fols.s12eSt-BertinProphMin  
Schnee IV300 fols.  Ier ProphMinGO? 
Taraz 001391 fols.s14 Is Ier Ez Dan ProphMinGO?
TolC 6-20102 fols.s12 ProphMin  
TolC 6-21141 fols.s13 ProphMin  
TolC 6-22147 fols.s13 ProphMin  
Toul 0040193 fols.s13OFMProphMin= Arras MS 272 
Tourn 003.3203 fols.s13TournSMartinProphMin Ez Dan  
Tourn 006165 fols.s13iBonneEsperIs ProphMin  
Tours 100123 fols.*s12Saint-GatienProphMin  
Tours 101106 fols.*s12MarmoutierProphMin  
Troy 023772 fols.*s13eClairvauxProphMin  
Troy 0457115 fols.s13ClairvauxIob ProphMin?ProphMin probably not GO; see CGM 
Troy 0467132 fols.s13ClairvauxIob ProphMin  
Troy 0623102 fols.s12 ProphMin Marc (inc.)  
Troy 0671123 fols.*s13 ProphMin  
Troy 0758342 fols.s13Clairvaux1: Prov Ecle Eclu; 2: Is Ier Bar Ez Dan ProphMin Macc; 3: Matt Marc Luc Ioh; 4: EppPaul Act EppCan; 5: Apoc5 vols.; HughSt-Cher? 
Troy 1028171 fols.*s12ClairvauxProphMin  
Troy 1035120 fols.s12ClairvauxProphMin  
Troy 1221115 fols.s12ClairvauxProphMin  
Troy 1225154 fols.s12Troyes St-ÉtienneProphMin  
Valenc 0062134 fols.*s12St-AmandProphMin (8-133)  
Valenc 0063114 fols.*s12St-AmandProphMin (1-93)  
VatA C.136160 fols.s14 ProphMin  
VatL 00112391 fols.s13/14 ProphMin (2r-160v), Dan (161r-209v), 1-2Esdr (210r-233v), Ez (234r-391r)  
VatL 00113182 fols.s13 ProphMin  
VatL 00115139 fols.s13iParisProphMin  
VatL 00116100 fols.s13/14 ProphMin  
VatL 04202135 fols.  ProphMin  
VatL 07796117 fols.  ProphMin  
VatL 07799307 fols.  Ez (1r-126r), Dan (126r-170r), ProphMin (170v-307v)  
VatP 084126 fols.s13France (Paris ?)ProphMin  
VatR 042124 fols.s12pFrance ?ProphMin (1r-124r)  
Vend 009120 fols.*s13e ProphMin  
Vend 131118 fols.*s13 Is ProphMin  
VeneBNM Lat. I,12 (2131)171 fols.s12 ProphMin  
WienN 1219134 fols.s14pFrance ?ProphMin  
WienN 1245124 fols.s13Salzburg CathProphMin  
WienN 4938344 fols.s15Prag; Przibram>Univerzita KarlovaProphMin (229r-332v)  
WorcC Q.008161 fols.s13 ProphMin  
Zwet 276147 fols.s13p ProphMin  

Osee, Ioel, Amos 11813-11815

Bas B.I.06153 O CarthIer (85v-108r), Bar (108r-111v), Lam (111v-113v), Ez (113v-136v), Dan (136v-146v), Os (146v-149v), Ioel (149r-151v), Amos (151r-152v) 

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